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For optimum protection against dirt, stains, pollens, bacterium and virus. Indispensable for clean rooms, clinics, offices etc. Ideal for visitors.

Video shot at Atalaya Dental, a best-in-class dental clinic in Canary Islands


PROTEKIA SMARTCOVER DISPENSER is a unique and intelligent solution to satisfy the highest hygiene need for clean rooms, dental clinics, laboratories, offices, food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, sanitary centers, hair salons, fitness centers and other high-ranking businesses such as luxury shops and restaurants etc.

Protekia protects your environment away from dirt, stains, pollens, bacterium and virus. It can maintain your business or private space clean and secured from the very first moment when you customers, visitors or staff step into the door. Protekia creates a brand-new hygiene standard and professional image for any environment from the entrance.

As perhaps the most versatile shoe protection solution you can find in the market, Protekia offers plenty of advantages over the alternatives.

  • Extra security and hygiene for your environment
  • Enhance brand identity through professionalism
  • Easy application and hands free
  • Versatility and perfect fit for any unique shoe shape
  • Economic benefits and cost saving