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Intelligent Shoe Cover Dispenser


It only takes a few seconds to apply a SMARTCOVER on your shoe sole, adapting itself intelligently to almost all shapes of shoes.

For optimum protection against dirt, stains, pollens, bacterium and virus. Indispensable for clean rooms, clinics, offices etc. Ideal for visitors.

Its long service life greatly reduces the cost of use. It only takes 30 seconds to install a new film roll, then it lasts for 1000 consecutive times.

SMARTCOVER film is RoHS certified. It is recyclable. Low energy consumption. Program for automatic power ON/OFF control.

CE certified
BPA free
Photoinitiator free
EU2014/35 (Low Voltage)
EU2014/30 (EMC)

Wraps the bottom of shoes automatically. No need to bend over to change shoes or wear a shoe cover by hand, especially suitable for the elderly.



Price in Euros. 21% VAT (aplicable only for Spain) not included.
37,50 €


Price in Euros. 21% VAT (aplicable only for Spain) not included.
1150,00 €

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12 months manufacturer warranty

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Our Clients Say

"We are very happy with this solution. It keeps our clinic cleaner than ever from the dirt of outside. Our clients are amazed when using the machine and appreciate not having to put on the traditional shoe covers with hands. The truth is that it is a worthwhile investment."
Ms. María & Dr. Joab
Atalaya Dental
"For us it is very practical and the patients love it, because it is a very sui generis equipment, which they did not know before, and especially because they do not have to wear the usual protections of shoes with elastic."
Dr. Mário Ferreira
Clínica Cereceda Medicina Dentária
"We installed it in the new ICU COVID-19. So, at the entrance of the unit, we put on the protectors that the machine issues in a few seconds and that fit the shoes perfectly, and we remove them before leaving. This measure has been one that has helped us prevent the spread of coronavirus in the rest of the hospital."
Mrs. Montse Reixach
Nursing Supervisor